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Specialist in laser surgery and laser vision

He is speciality in Pediatric ophthalmology and Refractive surgery

Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Tiriya

Specialization: Cataract Services & Anterior Segment  

Dr.Sanjeev Kumar Tiriya completed his MBBS from Patna Medical College, & MD (Ophthalm) from AIIMS New Delhi. He has done fellowship in Cataract Surgery from Lahan Eye hospital,Nepal. He is one of the most experienced and renowned Eye Surgeon of Jharkhand . He has given 15 years of his invaluable service to all sections of community.He has done more then 1 lakh cataract Surgery. His invaluable service and expertise in Cataract Surgery is instrumental for the large number of surgeries not only for the paying section but also the underprivileged and the needy.

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